i have been blessed

I have been blessed.

In the course of my life I have stood in churches and other holy structures, listened to the hushed murmur of voices and gazed up as dust filtered through golden streaks of light.  People act different in these places.  Their voices are hushed, smiles quiet, they walk slower, sit longer,  their eyes squint to make out the patterns on the walls, to decipher the mystery.  When they walk out of these structures they blink at the sunlight, stop for a moment to breath, and continue back into their lives quieter.

I have been blessed.

I have stood at the base of the largest tree in the world, sound muffled by the canopy above, I have felt small.  It is impossible to understand the breadth of a sequoia until you stand at it’s base.  Until that moment you think you know big trees and in that moment you realize you don’t know anything.  Their bark is soft and fibrous,  sticking to your skin after lips are planted to kiss the trunk.  A flick of the tongue and I swear it tastes sweet.  People approach these trees with the same reverence that they approach churches.  A stunned smile on their lips, photos are tastefully taken, and words of wonder are whispered in the ears of strangers and companions alike.

I have been blessed.

Sitting inside a sequoia my skin felt electric.  The inside was black, hollowed out by fire, growing up around the scars and dripping curls of dried sap.  The corners and crevasses inside this tree were so dark I felt that they would swallow me up.  All noise was deadened by this great being–the wood of the tree absorbing the sound of shuffling pine needles, the shifting of my weight on the ground.  Rising hundreds of feet up to scrape the sky, the roots of these trees are a mere three feet in the ground.  They are as much as 3000 years old.

I have been blessed.

Standing in sacred human structures and in forest of sequoias I have felt blessed.

I have been blessed.


One thought on “i have been blessed

  1. You are blessed, Maya, and you are a blessing. I thank you for your putting your thoughts to words and expressing them so beautifully. Love and Peace.

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